Hi, I’m Katrina.

I’ve always been a B-side kind of gal. Once I discovered 45-rpm records, my allowance was spent on all the latest hits by David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, the Beatles, or the Monkees…(sigh…oh Davey!)

But most of the time, it was the B-side of the record that really caught my attention. I mean, everybody knew the A-side song…that’s why we bought the record! But when I flipped those records over and heard the B-sides, my life took a whole new turn. (Ha, ha! Turn. Get it?)

But the lesson I learned was to look under the surface. Listening to the B-sides, I learned stuff that others didn’t even bother with. I learned to look beyond the average. To find the obscure. To dig deeper.

Maybe it was those B-sides that eventually led me to reach for those experiences and opportunities in life that are out of the ordinary. To step out of my comfort zone from time to time.

I’ve lived the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. And I wouldn’t change any of it. This blog is about sharing some of the experiences and the wisdom gained from the past, and to explore new ideas and opportunities for the future. And to encourage others to follow their dreams. Won’t you join me?